What Are Quick Response Codes (QR Codes)?

by Patty Bigner on January 3, 2011

in Marketing

If you haven’t considered Quick Response (QR) Codes for your business, now is the time to see if it’s the next step for marketing your product or service! Described by Terrence O’Brien of Switched.com, as “a barcode on steroids,” it is most commonly used in Japan, but it’s beginning to make headlines across the United States and Europe. QR Codes are quite simple: it’s a 2-dimentional barcode that can include both vertical and horizontal information, including information related to product details, website links, coupons, event/conference details, etc.

QR Codes are showing up all over the place – on business cards, in print ads, and on billboards. Scan the QR Code with any smartphone, mobile phone with a camera or QR scanners and information will automatically be uploaded to your device. All you’ll need to read these codes is to download a QR code reader (which takes about one minute to install).  To find out how to make your personal QR Code, click here!